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Skincare customisation is the new standard these days, but most who offer skincare customisation tout their own concoctions and own brands. Using the proprietary APEX Skincare Method, we recommend not just our home brand of products, but also many other popular skincare brands – so that you still have a wide range of choices. Continue to use your favourite brands with customisation by the APEX Skincare Method that is designed by Doctors. Delivered to your doorstep.
Individually customised skincare products available in clinic.


The questionnaire uses the APEX Skincare Artificial Intelligence Method designed by a team of doctors, classifying your skin into 7 main different types, based on weaknesses and strengths over the 3 important domains of skin.


THREE simple steps. That’s what the APEX Skincare Method simplifies your skincare routine into. The team of doctors behind this realised that the multiple complicated steps for skincare that has come to fashion recently has complicated skincare for many people, causing unwanted sensitivity when people are exposed to too many ingredients. Furthermore, the confusion that these multiple steps can generate, along with the additional cost and time spent, can make skincare a frustrating and fruitless endeavour.


Skin evolves with time, and old problems may fade with newer ones happening with age. Be assured of the best results possible with advice from doctors on-hand, as well as a proper follow up programme that makes sure your skincare evolves together with your skin.


Use your favourite brands guided by doctor’s recommendations, or go for fully customisable solutions with medical ingredients. Find the perfect 3 step program for you toward better skin.