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About Nourkrin®

Nourkrin® Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is supported by 30 years of clinical development and backed by over 100 scientific studies, clinical papers, as well as multiple user studies in leading peer reviewed journals.

A brand recognised by doctors, dermatologists and trichologists worldwide for its hair growth efficacy and safety standards, Nourkrin® has been tested in placebo, double-blind studies and shown to be side effect free. This is in contrast to other pharmaceuticals, which may cause side effects such as scalp itching, flaking, and dryness.

Nourkrin® is currently the only product in the market that contains Marilex®, a naturally derived and active ingredient, with a unique composition structure containing the specific proteoglycans that play an integral role in healthy hair growth regulation.

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Nourkrin is effective for promoting hair growth in both genders and has been proven in double blind studies to be completely free from side effects.

The Nourkrin® Hair Growth+ inCLINIC difference

Nourkrin Finasteride Minoxidil
Helps with both MPHL & FPHL
Helps manage Telogen Effluvium
No known side effects
No excessive facial or body hair
Addresses follicular miniaturisation and PFA
Clinically proven effects
Suitable for long-term use for treatment or maintenance
Possesses anti-inflammatory properties
High Patient Satisfaction Rates.
Over 100 awards and accolades

🎖World Hair Council Awards Gold Medal 2021

🎖The Healthy Awards 2019 – Best Hair Supplement

🎖Pharmacy Award 2015 – UK