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About science on skin

Developed by renowned dermatologists and researchers, Science On Skin is a skincare and health supplement brand designed to improve various skin conditions and deliver multi-benefits in a single product for busy urbanite consumers.

Science On Skin products are manufactured with the highest ethical standards, and formulated with a cruelty-free approach with no animal testing.

Available at reputable clinics, dermatology and aesthetics practices.

Sos uv porcelain+

3-in-1 Oral Sunblock

The new benchmark for oral skin supplements that comprises Alpha-Porcelain™, L-Glutathione, Vitamin C, Collagen peptides, and enhanced with Fernblock® – an all natural antioxidant extract proven to provide numerous benefits in more than 50 studies and scientific publications.

Provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, stimulate collagen, and lightens overall skin tone.

“A truly all-in-one beauty supplement trusted by aesthetic DOCTORS and dermatologists from over 600 clinics.”

award winning skin supplement

🎖Singapore Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buys 2022

🎖Harper’s BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2022 – Best Oral Supplements for Brightening

3 in 1 oral sunblock